sfmagic.org basics

Kennedy’s Irish Pub & Curry House, at 1040 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133.
7:30 PM every Wednesday night. If you like, show up earlier (around 7:15 PM), have a curry and a beer and play a few hands of casual constructed. Be sure to get on the sign-up list. We will aim to start at 7:45 and typically the drafts end at about 11.
Unsanctioned draft, generally the most recent set.
Buy from us or bring your own (there’s no charge to play if you bring your own). A draft set costs from $8-9 depending on market conditions.
There’s no prize support. The rares that each pod opens go into a pool and are divided at the end according to draft performance.

For more information, see the FAQ. There’s also a Yahoo group, Facebook page and a Google Plus group for discussion. The Facebook page is the most active.

Draft pods are seeded according to cumulative ranking based on previous performance. Players are grouped with others of similar skill. Performance is tracked using Brett Allen’s handy-dandy MtG Arena app.

Older performance data is still available.